Is Aging a Disease You Can Reverse? A Look at the Science Behind the Longevity Movement

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DAVE ASPREY, founder of the supplement company Bulletproof and one of the many Silicon Valley tech titans obsessed with lengthening their life spans, famously declared he wants to live beyond 180 years. That sounds, frankly, exhausting. Yet who wouldn’t want to take a languorous sip from the gerontological cup, assuming reasonable health and fitness?


Science vs Superbugs: A New Wave of Solutions Is On the Way

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Hollywood is chockablock with movies about zombie apocalypses caused by some uncontrollable infection, while alarming real-world headlines proclaim the next superbug is just around the corner. It’s a wonder we’re not all germaphobes on the scale of Howard Hughes, the billionaire aviator and movie producer who famously wore tissue boxes on his feet (among other strategies) to protect them from germs.


Where Will Science Take Us? To the Stars

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After 30 hours of bumping along on planes and buses, at long last I stood in the darkness and gazed upon an immense night sky. My long journey seemingly had brought me to the shoreline of interstellar space rather than the high-altitude plateau that is Chile’s AtacamaDesert.


Science Shows Yoga May Protect Your Brain in Old Age

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Scientists in Brazil have imaged elderly female yoga practitioners’ brains and found they have greater cortical thickness in the left prefrontal cortex, in brain areas associated with cognitive functions like attention and memory. The results suggest that yoga could be a way to protect against cognitive decline in old age.


Masters of Our DNA: Designer Bodies Are Not Science Fiction

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Imagine a world where we can design the bodies we want. In this reality we can also create, and recreate, the plants and animals that live alongside us. We can alter organisms and mold them into whatever we want them to be.

This is not the world of tomorrow, though. This doesn’t take imagination. This is the world today.

Right now.