Is Aging a Disease You Can Reverse? A Look at the Science Behind the Longevity Movement

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DAVE ASPREY, founder of the supplement company Bulletproof and one of the many Silicon Valley tech titans obsessed with lengthening their life spans, famously declared he wants to live beyond 180 years. That sounds, frankly, exhausting. Yet who wouldn’t want to take a languorous sip from the gerontological cup, assuming reasonable health and fitness?


A Renaissance of Genomics and Drugs Is Extending Human Longevity

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The causes of aging are extremely complex and unclear. But with longevity clinical trials increasing, more answers - and questions - are emerging than ever before.

With the dramatic demonetization of genome reading and editing over the past decade, and Big Pharma, startups, and the FDA starting to face aging as a disease, we are starting to turn those answers into practical ways to extend our healthspan.


To Turbocharge Anti-Aging Treatment, Just Add… a Protein Found in Fruit Flies?

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The hunt for the elixir of life is such a universal mythological trope that to talk about it in the context of science seems almost ridiculous. But breakthroughs in the last decade have made the impossible seem possible, and researchers are quickly converging on the consensus that aging may well be a disease that we can treat just as easily as any other.



Extending Human Longevity With Regenerative Medicine

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Lizards can regrow entire limbs. Flatworms, starfish, and sea cucumbers regrow entire bodies. Sharks constantly replace lost teeth, often growing over 20,000 teeth throughout their lifetimes. How can we translate these near-superpowers to humans?

The answer: through the cutting-edge innovations of regenerative medicine.


Longevity and Vitality - Why We Age

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Healthcare today is reactive, retrospective, bureaucratic and expensive. It's sick care, not healthcare.

But that is radically changing at an exponential rate.

Last year alone, we saw nearly $800 million invested in longevity startups - over double the approximate $400 million invested in 2017.


Future of Artificial Intelligence & Longevity

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What if we could generate novel molecules to target any disease, overnight, ready for clinical trials?

Imagine leveraging machine learning to accomplish with 50 people what the pharmaceutical industry can barely do with an army of 5,000.

It’s a multibillion-dollar opportunity that can help billions.


Longevity Revolution

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Do you want to live to be 100?

If your immediate answer was yes, here’s a follow-up question: if you could live to 100, what conditions would you want to accompany your longevity?

You would probably want your healthspan to match your lifespan - that is, you’d want your body to be fit, your mind to be sound, and your friends and loved ones to remain close to you.