Ray Kurzweil: Humans Will Be Hybrids by 2030

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That's the prediction of Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google (GOOGL), who spoke Wednesday at the Exponential Finance conference in New York.


New Algorithm Suggests That Early Humans and Related Species Interbred Early and Often

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A new analysis of ancient genomes suggests that different branches of the human family tree interbred multiple times, and that some humans carry DNA from an archaic, unknown ancestor.


Melissa Hubisz and Amy Williams of Cornell University and Adam Siepel of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory report these findings in a study published 6th August in PLOS Genetics.



How Long Can Humans Live?

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Humans are living longer around the world. While there have been obvious ups and downs, life expectancy at birth overall has been steadily increasing for many years. It has more than doubled in the last two centuries.


Advanced Artificial Intelligence Could Run The World Better Than Humans Ever Could

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There are fears that tend to come up when people talk about futuristic artificial intelligence - say, one that could teach itself to learn and become more advanced than anything we humans might be able to comprehend.


Tech to Merge Humans and Artificial Intelligence

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Are you scared of artificial intelligence (AI)?

Do you believe the warnings from folks like Prof. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and others?

Is AI the greatest tool humanity will ever create, or are we “summoning the demon”?

To quote the head of AI at Singularity University, Neil Jacobstein, “It’s not artificial intelligence I’m worried about, it’s human stupidity.”