WHO issues new recommendations on human genome editing for the advancement of public health

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Two new companion reports released today by the World Health Organization (WHO) provide the first global recommendations to help establish human genome editing as a tool for public health, with an emphasis on safety, effectiveness and ethics.


Low-carb diet coaching boosts health for people with diabetes

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The weight counseling approach emphasized a low-carb diet, with participants logging better weight loss, less use of diabetes medications, and fewer potentially dangerous episodes of plummeting blood sugar levels compared to study participants who only attended group diabetes sessions.


5 Reasons Why Biodiversity Matters - to Human Health, the Economy and Your Wellbeing

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Biodiversity is critically important – to your health, to your safety and, probably, to your business or livelihood.


Relationships Have the Biggest Effect on Health

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Can kindness, love and a strong sense of community actually make you healthier and happier? Research says that it does. A 1978 study looking at the link between high cholesterol and heart health in rabbits determined that kindness made the difference between a healthy heart and a heart attack.


This is How Distance from Nature is Affecting Our Health

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You’ve got problems. Perhaps more than you know. Apart from all the usual woes - work, relationships, money, time - the civilized life may also be causing you psychological trauma.


Scientists Have Created a Drug that Replicates the Health Benefits of Exercise

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Researchers have made the breakthrough of couch potatoes’ dreams with a new drug that mimics some of the most important effects of exercise. Scientists from Deakin University in Melbourne published their findings in Cell Reports earlier this week, showing that overweight mice who were given the drug no longer showed signs of cardiovascular disease.