Scientist George Church Is Auctioning Off His Genome as an NFT

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You’ve probably heard the acronym NFT over the last couple months. Non-fungible tokens have been all over the news, seeming to become a sensation—one worth a ton of money—almost overnight.


Newly-Decoded Wheat Genome Opens the Door to Engineering Superfoods

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Tweaking the DNA of crops to make them hardier and more productive is one of the most promising applications of gene-editing technology. That’s not been possible with wheat because its complex genome has proved tricky to decode, but now an international team of researchers has finally cracked it.


We Sequenced the Human Genome 15 Years Ago. Now We Can 3D Map It

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THE NEXT STEP. In 2003, researchers sequenced the human genome for the first time, writing out all 3 billion of the DNA base pairs that dictate every aspect of our makeup. Now, a new team of researchers has figured out a way to create a 3D image of this valuable roadmap to human biology.


New DNA Synthesis Method Could Soon Build a Genome in a Day

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Synthetic biologists are the computer programmers of biology. Their code? DNA.

The whole enterprise sounds fantastical: you insert new snippets of DNA code - in the form of a chain of A, T, C, G letters - into an organism, and bam! Suddenly you have bacteria that can make anti-malaria drugs or cells that can solve complicated logic problems like a computer.