How One Round of Gene Therapy Fixed 48 Kid’s Immune Systems

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Gene therapy has shown promise in recent years for treating a range of diseases, including sickle-cell anemiahemophilia, various forms of 


A Year After Gene Therapy, Boys With Muscular Dystrophy Are Healthier and Stronger

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Two and a half years ago, a study published in Science Advances detailed how the gene editing tool CRISPR/Cas-9 repaired genetic mutations related to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).


How Much Can We Delay Aging? A Gene Therapy Trial Is About to Find Out

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Aging is reversible.

It’s still a somewhat controversial idea in humans. Yet recent attempts at delaying - or even reversing - diseases that pop up with age in animals clearly show that health doesn’t necessarily decline with age. The slip-and-slide into poor health as we age may seem like a natural trajectory, but it’s not inevitable.


The Prickly Debate on Germline Gene Therapy, and Moving It Forward

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In 2016, a healthy baby boy came screaming into the world in a Mexican clinic. Harboring DNA from three parents, the baby had had his genes dramatically altered while still an embryo. Without the treatment, an inheritable neurological disorder would’ve killed him before the age of three.


First Successful Gene Therapy Against Human Aging? It May Be So

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The CEO of Bioviva USA Inc, Elizabeth Parrish, claims to be the first human in world history to have successfully reversed the effects of natural aging - thanks to experimental gene therapy provided by her company.


Gene Therapy Had a Breakthrough 2017 - 2018 May Be Even Better

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Gene therapy had a hell of a 2017. After decades of promises but failed deliveries, last year saw the field hitting a series of astonishing home runs.


The concept of gene therapy is elegant: like computer bugs, faulty letters in the human genome can be edited and replaced with healthy ones.