Cosmic Rays May Explain Life’s Bias for Right-Handed DNA

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f you could shrink small enough to descend the genetic helix of any animal, plant, fungus, bacterium or virus on Earth as though it were a spiral staircase, you would always find yourself turning right - never left. It’s a universal trait in want of an explanation.


DNA Just One of More Than 1 Million Possible Genetic Molecules, Scientists Find

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Scientists used a computer program to uncover more than 1 million molecules that could potentially store genetic information, just like DNA.


How to Battle an Epidemic? Digitize Its DNA and Share It With the World

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A nightmarish scene was burnt into my memory nearly two decades ago: Changainjie, Beijing’s normally chaotic “fifth avenue,” desolate without a sign of life. Schools shut, subways empty, people terrified to leave their homes. Every night the state TV channels reported new cases and new deaths. All the while, we had to face a chilling truth: the coronavirus, SARS, was so novel that no one understood how it spread or how to effectively treat it. No vaccines were in sight. In the end, it killed nearly 1,000 people.


New DNA Synthesis Method Could Soon Build a Genome in a Day

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Synthetic biologists are the computer programmers of biology. Their code? DNA.

The whole enterprise sounds fantastical: you insert new snippets of DNA code - in the form of a chain of A, T, C, G letters - into an organism, and bam! Suddenly you have bacteria that can make anti-malaria drugs or cells that can solve complicated logic problems like a computer.


Masters of Our DNA: Designer Bodies Are Not Science Fiction

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Imagine a world where we can design the bodies we want. In this reality we can also create, and recreate, the plants and animals that live alongside us. We can alter organisms and mold them into whatever we want them to be.

This is not the world of tomorrow, though. This doesn’t take imagination. This is the world today.

Right now.


The Epic Project to Record the DNA of All Life on Earth

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Advances in biotechnology over the past decade have brought rapid progress in the fields of medicine, food, ecology, and neuroscience, among others.


Baby With DNA From Three People

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Though he’s not the first to be born with DNA from three people, a special little five-month-old baby is the first to have been conceived and birthed using a new and controversial technique called mitochondrial donation, an improvement of leaps and bounds over those techniques used by doctors as far back as the 1990s to create babies with DNA from three people.


Scientists Make Breakthrough in Micro-Robotics Using DNA

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A joint team of scientists from Ewha Womans University and the University of Pennsylvania have developed technology using artificial DNA that could operate shape-changing micro-robots, announced the National Research Foundation of Korea Monday.

Shape-changing micro-robots are made from flexible materials, including high molecule polymers or nanoparticles, functioning in response to specific physical or chemical signals like temperature or light.