Harvard Scientists Pinpoint ‘Ground Zero’ of Aging in Mouse Embryo Study

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How do old cells in adult humans give rise to the youthful cells found in infants? New research suggests they reset to their lowest biological age in early embryonic development, with potential ramifications for longevity science.


Another Win for Senolytics: Fighting Aging at the Cellular Level Just Got Easier

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Longevity research always reminds me of the parable of blind men and an elephant. A group of blind men, who’ve never seen an elephant before, each touches a different part of the elephant’s body to conceptualize what the animal is like. Because of their limited experience, each person has widely different ideas - and they all believe they’re right.


Is Aging a Disease You Can Reverse? A Look at the Science Behind the Longevity Movement

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DAVE ASPREY, founder of the supplement company Bulletproof and one of the many Silicon Valley tech titans obsessed with lengthening their life spans, famously declared he wants to live beyond 180 years. That sounds, frankly, exhausting. Yet who wouldn’t want to take a languorous sip from the gerontological cup, assuming reasonable health and fitness?


Amazingly Detailed Map Reveals How the Brain Changes With Aging

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If a brain is our Earth, then we, as inhabitants, are individual brain cells.


Can a Low-Carb Diet Reverse Brain Aging?

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A low carb diet may prevent or even reverse the effects of aging in the brain, researchers report.

The new study also shows that the neurobiological changes associated with aging are evident in a person’s late 40s.