Sangamo Therapeutics is a genomic medicine company conducting research & development across four distinct but complementary technology platforms – gene therapy, cell therapy, in vivo genome editing, and in vivo genome regulation. The optionality and diversity inherent to Sangamo’s technology platform enables us to design therapeutic approaches to resolve the underlying genetic causes of disease, using whichever technology is best suited to deliver that treatment.

Because Sangamo’s technology platforms are related, we are applying learnings across studies to optimize each individual platform and uncover research and development paths forward. Sangamo is best known for developing our proprietary gene editing technology, zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs). Our technology team continues to optimize ZFNs for the three key dimensions of genome editing: precision, efficiency, and specificity.

Ex vivo gene-edited cell therapy is the most straightforward application of ZFN technology. It builds on early experience with HIV clinical studies and is applied to hematological disorders and oncology. Our cell therapy portfolio also includes ex vivo gene-edited regulatory T-cells (CAR-Tregs) for application in autoimmunity and inflammation.

The insights gained about molecular biology, cassette engineering, and delivery through in vivo application of ZFNs led to our gene therapy program using AAV, which is advancing in the clinic. Zinc finger protein engineering and AAV delivery are also foundational for our zinc finger protein-transcription factor (ZFP-TF) genome regulation technology, which we are applying in CNS diseases.

With our robust history of genomic medicine firsts, unmatched technology platform, and growing manufacturing and clinical development capabilities, Sangamo believes we are the company to realize the vision of genomic medicine.

Official site: https://www.sangamo.com/